Procedures in PostgreSQL database

List of procedures in the selected database schema  PostgreSQL . The list can be filtered by entering part of the table name in the " Like name object " field

PostgreSQL procedure list.jpg
  • Drop procedure  - generate a command code for deleting a procedure 

  • Set search_path - generate a command to specify the search path procedure

  • Set schema - generate a command to move the procedure to another schema

  • Rename - generate a command to rename a procedure 

  • Owner to - generate a command to change the owner of the procedure 

  • Call code - generate a command to call a procedure (select command)

  • Get DDL - generate procedure creation code 

List of procedures

SELECT p.oid, n.nspname AS schema_name  
    , (SELECT rolname  FROM pg_roles WHERE oid = p.proowner) "owner"
   , p.proname AS function_name
   , pg_get_function_arguments (p.oid) AS args 
FROM pg_catalog.pg_proc p 
JOIN  pg_catalog.pg_namespace n ON n.oid = p.pronamespace
WHERE   n.nspname = $$SCHEMANAME
  and prokind = 'p'
order by p.proname


select pg_get_functiondef($$OID)