Program logs


The program implements many levels of logging of processes, kernel, threads

System log

All system messages of the kernel are sent to it, almost all windows with the exception of the query editor

Program log.jpg

Each system log entry is reset previously in CerebroSQL.log file in directory ./logs

Completed requests
Log query execute.jpg


All executed queries are displayed in the "Current SQL" tab of the "Logs" window before execution.

DDL Commands

All executed commands in the query editor are separately displayed on the "Command list" tab

Command log.jpg
Error log
Error log.jpg

Monitoring of errors of the "ORA - *****" family for all program modules.

Also, this module allows you to save a description of errors found in Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MS SQL Server databases and how to fix them.

Local database structure checks


The database check log is used to control the database maintenance by the system core. Database check is launched at the start of the program.

Check local database.jpg
OPENLIST procedure


See more in the OPENLIST section