CerebroSQL main window (database monitoring)

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Window structure

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"Open" menu - quick transition to open windows

Menu "Editors"

Data transfer - data transfer wizard

Configuring Database Monitoring Jobs 

Program kernel monitor

Completion of work

About the program

Block the program

Top Menu
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  • Refresh - refresh data by metrics

  • Transaction - Information on transactions in the Oracle database

  • Top SQL - Information on queries that create the maximum load on the Oracle database

  • Session - session manager in Oracle database

  • Active SQL - Oracle ASH Viewer

  • Parameter editor - Oracle DB parameters editor

  • Error log - error manager

The meaning of Oracle DB health metrics

Oracle Database Health Metrics
Meaning of metrics in the main CerebroSQL window


For a detailed description, see the section "Oracle Database Health Metrics"


History of active sessions by classes of expectations

The graph is a display of summary information broken down by classes of expectations by active sessions