Configuration connect using putty

The New Connection Wizard allows you to configure static connections to Linux/AIX servers for subsequent quick connection to them without entering a username/password.

Create new putty connect.jpg
Create a connection
  • Press the "New" button

  • In the "Group name" field, enter the name of the group in the tree or select the previously entered name from the drop-down list

  • In the "Connection alias" field, enter the connection alias (displayed in the main window in the list of connections)

  • In the "Server IP" field, enter the IP address of the server. This address is used to connect

  • In the "DNS name server" field, enter the DNS name of the server

  • In the "User connect" field, enter the username of the OS under which the connection is made

  • In the "User password" field, enter the user password for the case of connecting by password

  • In the "Key privat file" field, specify the path to the file with the private key, if any

  • Save the connection by clicking the "Save" button

Check the connection parameters by pressing the "Connet" button

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